Remains To Be Seen


3 male, 3 female


A freelance embalmer and layer-out, of indeterminate age and rapidly fading beauty.


An undertaker, with amorous intentions towards Aurora.


A corpse (non-speaking, must be able to avoid corpsing).


A rival funeral director, who also has an eye on Aurora.


Noblett’s adenoidal and competitive daughter.


The grieving widow, who arrives inopportunely at the end of the play.


45 mins

One corpse.

Two rival undertakers.

And the unforgettable
Aurora Fazakerly, the finest embalmer and layer-out you’re ever likely to meet.


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Best New Play award, Letchworth Drama Festival.

Practically guaranteed to win the adjudicator’s prize, and/or
“best cameo role” at any Drama Festival!


A Farce in one act.

The action takes place in a North Country funeral parlour. 

AURORA FAZACKERLY is dealing with the occupant of a coffin, doing her best to improve with make-up the appearance of the dear departed. She is joined by the proprietor, ALBERT GRIMSDYKE.  It becomes clear that their relationship is rather more than a business partnership, and that they have triumphed over their local opposition by getting the occupant of the coffin - Alderman Watkins - as a 'client'.

The staging allows both sides of the entrance door to he seen by the audience. The opposition arrive, in the person of NOBLETT CUDDY resplendent in full funeral attire, and his adenoidal daughter CLARISSA. They decide to steal the body that night, by exchanging it for a tailor's dummy.

Unfortunately the only dummy available is a female, and their efforts to dress the body in a frock to transport it decently on a sack barrow are interrupted by the return of ALBERT & AURORA. The play ends with the Alderman's widow calling to view the body. Panic ensues.


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